Sunday, September 4, 2016


"Today was fabulous! Paulette Washington is always amazing. The more she apologized for allergies inhibiting her ability to sing like she wanted, the stronger she sang, and pulled out the stops. She sang old school worship songs, something I don't always relate to anymore, but her spirit, and honesty have a way of making me feel it on a new level. As for the message, you never teetered near blasphemy for me, you spoke only truth. I am more inspired than ever to create the life I've dreamed of. God has blessed me, and kept me to hear these words, that are changing my future I know."
"It was an awesome always is. 
We expect it to be and we get one."
"...I really appreciate the word today...there were a couple things that confirmed to me what was already in line with what I was saying to God...He confirmed it to me...Last but not least, I'm excited bout you and your happiness. Much prosperity to you and thank you my future pastor"
- KW
"I love that Paulette."
- FM

"...The vid will be available as soon as BJ can get it off the camera and ready. If you follow "bishinthenow" on YouTube, you'll get a notification when it's posted...We use Google Hangouts--we knew they were supposed to switch streaming services on the 12th to a YouTube direct service, but all signs this morning indicated they've already begun the switch. Many apologies! And thanks for everyone's patience."

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