Sunday, April 10, 2016


"...I just recently found you again and attended services via stream today for the first time...I gotta tell you, although I have been feeling bad about not being in church because that was missing from my life, but clearly there is NO bad timing because your word today was just for me! I look forward to physically attending now that I have found u again. I didn't want to find a new church home because I knew you were the pastor for me! So happy I found you again and that you are doing wonderful! You are a great guy with a wonderful heart and deserve all the best! Thank you for adding to my life!..."
"...thank you for the message today! it's crazy how much I could relate (because of some difficulties I've been facing).. but like you said you are my pastor because it doesn't matter how long I've been away...the word that you give is always on time for the space that I'm in.. I really appreciate that!"
"You were in rare form & hilarious today... Thank you for being so real... Great word... A lot to think on... And thanks for never canceling streaming  looking forward to this weeks challenge 🍏🌽🍐"

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