Sunday, September 20, 2020


"One of the best words I have ever heard. Let me be clear I have heard thousands and thousands of words my life time. Most of the best ones for me came from you Bishop. Home run for me today. Glory to God. Blessings Sir."

“This was one of those times for me "you have no need that any man should teach". It is not that I know everything but I did know. You just let me know that what I knew was okay. Maybe it's because of my age. Thank you”

- BC

“We were ready for the shut down because of your leadership; the best tech team was in place, giving on line, you’re tech savvy to be mobile, and you are connected to still be relevant.”

- RF 

"I really needed this word!! I AM!! Right now!! 

"This is an amazing message"

- BB

"Metron is I am and I am Metron."

- EJ

"What an awesome day.... I loved everything about it..."


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