Sunday, October 27, 2019

TODAY AT METRON - 10/27/19

"Thank you!...Thanks for always sharing the perfect word, 'J Swill'. I get it now."
"This is very scary and exciting journey and new chapter in my life...I grew up going to Church in the Now listening to audio tapes and reading books of Bishop's, going to see Judah and Jonah perform when I could because I was only 5 and 6 at the time...I went from singing on stage with Bishop, to now wanting his blessings and God's blessings for marriage...I know marriage is a huge step, and I know that with God and Bishop by my side, and all the members of the church, that my marriage will now and forever be IN THE NOW...everything the church has been through, watching it all change and evolve, and everything my family and God has been through has been to prepare me for this very day"
- ZM

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