Sunday, July 8, 2018


"...We were so happy to see you and Ken and all of our family there! There is no place like home. And I couldn’t help but think as I sat and absorbed your beautiful words, how you have not aged one bit since I first heard you 23 years ago! Thank you for always having the words I need. We will be back soon!! Love you!"
"...Great to see you and everyone. Your words always inspire"
- PG
"Starting the day spiritually recharging my mind, body and soul at METRON"❤️
- RM
"...are you in my head , lol? I always think of a word or thought to go with my breathing during meditation and today’s thoughts were breathe in healing and breathe out the pain! Whaaaat!
Mine is physical and mental and you didn’t say anything specific to my pains, but still..."
- NP

"This morning at METRON thinking about freeing your mind and the rest will follow, the song Quiet Your Mind by Zac Brown came to my mind. In the third verse, the last few lines are...and if you’re too busy talkin’, you’re not busy listenin’, to hear what the land has to say...Quiet Your Mind. So beautiful."
- RM
"...pressed my way in today, just in time for the NOW word."
- SD
And it was good!
- FM ❤️
"The light was shining and the energy was flowing."
- RM
"I really love this series... The energy was awesome today!"

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