Sunday, September 30, 2018


"Bishop Jim Swilley does it again. Church was on point today as usual."
- SK
 "I won’t say I hate that this series is ending, because I am finding every one gets better and better and it only creates vibrations for the next series. It’s like climbing a ladder to look at that beautiful stained glass window in the sun. “ Come up here" where the light shines brighter."
- FM
"This has been the best series yet. Real truth truly does set you free!"
- JJ
"Just when I think the insight can't get any better - pow! This metanoia/metabolism will take some digesting as you can imagine but I truly know this is such undeniable truth! Love you, Bish!"
- LD
"I read articles that pastors and teachers are posting and not to brag on ours but...we got the best of the best. The deeper you go the better we swim. Pretty soon, he's giving us lessons on gliding on water.❤️ That's Bishop Jim Swilley."
- FM
"This was an awesome series...I loved every bit of this month's teaching."
- BB

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