Sunday, November 5, 2023


"Every Sunday is great but today had a special feeling to it. Bish, you're always taking us places that may be uncomfortable to some but you have an amazing way of making the uncomfortable comfortable...I'm one of those people who have said that you've saved my life. You did. I'm very thankful and always will be..."
- EJ

"Thank you. Thank you. I've been following you on YouTube and Instagram for almost 8 years. Being a bisexual black man, it was hard dealing with my community and being a father...but it was Carlton Pearson who led me to you when he did the interview for CNN, stating that he and his church were he was standing alongside the LGBTQ community, he was showing me a true disciple, and the true meaning of following God. I saw how he stood for you, and ever since then I've been following you...thank you for being a man who exemplifies the true meaning of God's heart..."

- JB

"...There was so much that was conveyed with and without words. I found myself tearing up, even that last poem said more..."
- BR
"I loved and needed this word today..."
- BB


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