Sunday, April 29, 2018


At Metron today.
I needed a few hours to absorb this morning... 
I’ve noticed and felt things around me lately that I see as other dimensional. Something deep, something I need to stop and notice, something I need to hear. This morning at Metron it started with praise, a guitar and a violin and a young man and a young woman singing and playing. You didn’t have to sing along, you didn’t have to clap, you didn’t even have to stand, but it was strong, that sense of a presence. It followed through the rest of the service.

I’m not even going to try to explain the final message of a series by Jim, 'As He Is', but I believe if Jesus had been sitting on the front row in flesh, he would have said, thank God somebody gets me. So special when love is identified and people lifted, As he is, so are we.


"The spirit is all up in this place today! 

So much that I dropped my church hat running 

down the isle!"

"I finally made it to Church Bishop Swilley. FINALLY!!!! I will be back...Thank you so much forthat MESSAGE on Love today. Have a wonderful week sir, and I will be back to CHURCH on next Sunday. I have lived in ATLANTA for almost 15 years, and I DON'T have a CHURCH HOME. I am seeking the right ONE. Your congregation was VERY friendly."

- TB

"Awesome... Awesome word today..."
"...There was a presence there today that was 


- BB

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