Sunday, April 15, 2018


"Today was everything!"
- BB
"...Your revelation and your presence in my life is constant...I have been so guilty of recounting all that changed for me at CITN.  I hope you know, Bish, it is only the "touchstone"  - the place - the moment - when so many of us found liberty in Him.  Not that we want for CITN to be "back" ...its just that we can pinpoint our lives to that was unlike anything we have ever known.  I feel even more excited to tithe to Metron and the word I get each week.  We will continue to "break free" and move into "next level" liberty!..."
- LD
"You Betta preach Bish!... I dropped my church hat running up and down the"
 "I'm repeating myself but today was another great day with awesome energy 
and a message to start my week."
- FM
 "Forever my Bishop."
- IC

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