Sunday, April 1, 2018


"#metron_ Community once again giving me what I need. 
A blessing place! #jimswilley#resurrection"
- CC
"A wonderful Resurrection Sunday. Singing songs of His Resurrection. Anointed singing by Alex Marion and Judah Swilley, Chandra Currelley. Bishop Jim Swilley giving a NOW Resurrection Word."
- RK
"Judah just letting you know how much we enjoyed you this morning.You always flow strong in your gifts. Blessings on you."
- FM
"Love you and great to hear such a good life word."
- DS
"It was truly a day of outpouring in unity and love.. He lives in us..."
- JW
"Today was awesome!"
- FM
"It was a great service today, we were happy to be there!"
- MS
"So glad I was able to be there today!"
- KC

"Today was sooo powerful... Awesome Easter service"
- BB

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