Saturday, August 23, 2014


In A beginning, created by the Alueim were the heavens and the earth. Yet the earth became a chaos and vacant, and darkness was on the surface of the submerged chaos. Yet the spirit of the Alueim is vibrating over the surface of the water. And saying is the Alueim, "Become light!" And it is becoming light.'
(Genesis 1:1-3 - The Concordant Literal Old Testament)

I've posted this before, but it bears repeating...let me say that I love and enjoy all the translations of the Bible because each one has a little different paradigm on the truth and purpose of the Scriptures which I think is valuable and worthy of examination...that being said, I don't necessarily bear witness with the way every passage is interpreted, even in the translations that I like a lot...for example, I've used 'The Voice' translation a good bit, but I wouldn't refer to it for everything because the translator definitely isn't entirely on the page with me, theologically...

From the preface of 'The Voice':

About 40 different human authors are believed to have been inspired by God to write the Scriptures. Most English translations attempt to even out the literary styles of the different authors in sentence structure and vocabulary. Instead, The Voice distinguishes the unique perspective of each author. The heart of the project is retelling the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works while remaining painstakingly true to the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts. Accomplished writers and biblical scholars have been teamed up to create an English rendering that, while of great artistic value, is carefully aligned with the meaning inherent in the original language. Attention is paid to the use of idioms, artistic elements, confusion of pronouns, repetition of conjunctions, modern sentence structure, and the public reading of the passage.

Because I'm mature and I love language, with all of its many nuances, I can easily flow with all of the translations without judgment or tunnel vision, including the one mentioned above...each one is what it is...

I really love this passage in 'The Concordant Literal Old Testament'...what's most interesting to me is that the translator finds the phrase "In A beginning" more accurate than the more familiar "In THE beginning"...that really opens up a lot to think about, especially when exploring the concepts of multiple realities (some call it "the multi-verse")...

The best part of this Hebrew translation, however, is:

"Yet the spirit of the Alueim is vibrating over the surface of the water..."

...the Spirit IS vibrating!

Not "was" vibrating...IS, IS, tense!

God is in the now, and His Universe is expanding (still being created) faster than the speed of light!

What if we've had and exercised the dominion that God (Elohim or "Alueim") talks about in Genesis 1:26, 27 all along?..what if we've been calling the shots in life and getting what we really, deeply wanted more than we have realized or can even admit to ourselves?...What if the same Spirit that vibrated over the surface of the water in Creation is still vibrating over our spirit and our thoughts and our words and our intentions?

I actually believe that that is what is happening...

In one sense it's an overwhelming thought, but in another sense it's the most empowering revelation imaginable! It allows the eradication of victimization mentality in our lives from every possible vantage causes us to embrace some radical concepts about personal, God-given responsibility/authority, and it sets us free...

Vibrate, Spirit of God!

Vibrate and create life!

Vibrate, Spirit of God!



  1. Pamela Holbrook said...

    Vibrations.....this reminds me of my experiences with actually feeling vibrations throughout my body especially my hands usually during special moments at church....I think of it as actually feeling God....the vibration of Spirit..

  2. Kimberly Turner said...

    What I've always cherished in your teachings, My Shepherd, is how you speak truth-reality, and I remember it...not learn it. I already know these things, this light. Thank you for so many years of reminding me of who I am. Love you.

  3. Karl Bergman said...

    binny hinn back in the 90s in atl,standing in the breezeway during praise and worship my whole body was humming,pure power

  4. RamonaForever Quimby said...

    Love this. And indeed, it is a scary concept for most to grasp...because when you realize you are the only one in charge of your life, there is no one else to blame...very heavy.

  5. RamonaForever Quimby said...

    On the other hand, it is immensely liberating because you also realize the freedom to do with and make of your life what you will is limitless. Your own limitations are the only ones being imposed. Realizing God has given us the power all along is a huge step in spiritual evolution.

  6. Kevin Awakened Main said...

    Shared on my FB page....good stuff here Bishop

  7. Christine Williams said...

    So nice to read

  8. Beth Bonner said...

    Yes indeed! I like this! It reminds me of how the Word of God IS alive. It never stopped or died, it is constantly creating. The PROCEEDING Word is all around us.