Sunday, August 31, 2014

TODAY AT METRON! - 8/31/14


  1. Jackie C Jenkins said...

    You took it to another level today. Breathtaking!

  2. God Is… We Are.. I Am that I Am.
    What follows the .. is anything one can write, or say. I Am that I Am - Am can be replaced with anything or followed by anything. Everything, Everyone is an aspect of Elohim.

    As the original observer in this realm, hovering over creation as we understand it – Everything and Everyone is seen or brought into reality from all potential by Elohim. No ingredient in all that We or I create, exists outside of Elohim. We are free to create and observe the materials, thoughts, energy of Elohim as We or I desire, without limitation. We Are I AM as Elohim, sans material or thought that exists outside Elohim, unless there is an Observer or Creator that is Extra-Elohim. Which if so, Elohim as We or I perceive is not the original or ultimate Creator. Even if that is, it is still through Elohim as I or We perceive that any thought, emotion, action, creation exists.

    So God/Elohim/Allah/Yahweh/El is every … In the broadest examples, God is The Christ and Satan, The Angel and The Demon, The Executioner and Savior, The Hero and Villain. In narrower terms, Elohim is every species, race, religion, culture, nation, every One. Every experience, El is within. Each scenario from beautiful, to mundane, to abhorrent as seen by the Observer is Yahweh. In Abrahamic terms, Allah is The Tree of Life while simultaneously The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. God is good and evil, as each is determined by the individual Observer. A small minority of experiences, Good and Evil are perceived distinctly by the vast majority of Us in agreement. The vast majority of experiences of Good and Evil are seen in very different degrees and at times completely opposite by the individual Observer.

    From intra-personal to international scenarios, God is in every aspect. We All and Each of Us is like Elohim with widely disparate aspects and expressions of Ourselves – The Real World, raw, un-homogenized. We each do enjoy order, and label observations and Our own creations of thought, emotion, activity in various measures in support or opposition, for continuance or ceasing. All that We or I support, All that I or We oppose – All of it, is God.

    Any experience of Self or Others, All of Our own and Others thoughts, emotions, desires, actions, We observe is an aspect of God. That can be frightening, comforting, maddening, calming, confusing and clarifying. Whatever it is, it is. It is ultimate chaos and ultimate order, while fully impacted by our thought and action- Our decisions and observation. Good, Neutral, or Evil as We/I perceive. As much as El provides in source material, is as much as We and I determine. We each are like Elohim as intended.