Sunday, August 10, 2014


This morning our second event with the Metron Community presented us with a great learning experience about how to successfully deal with technical challenges...kudos to our excellent tech people for rising to the occasion with professionalism...the message was still delivered...challenges are just a part of changing and growing, and we are still getting our sea legs on a brand new shore, so no harm was a beautiful day...rain storms were predicted for the whole area, but there were clear, blue skies over Midtown...gratitude for that...thanks for your patience today, everyone, especially you streamers, because we know we had challenges in cyber-space, as well...but we got through it all and it's all good and we are even more committed now to moving forward in excellence...we are moving in the right direction and creating something wonderful, and days like today only serve to make us even more sure of how connected we all are to the was a good day, but it will be better next week...


"It was great Bish...please don't be bothered by technical difficulties...we aren't!

"I was really blessed today. spiritual eyes see and I'm soaking this in because I already knew it, just forgot."

"Today was great- the universe has your back and the message can never be interfered with by technical difficulties. It will always get through somehow some way!"

"Today was AWESOME!!"
- AH

"It was really great to meet you today. I wanted to thank you for being willing to be vulnerable and be your authentic self. What you shared truly spoke to MY authentic self. I feel like truth is setting me free more and more everyday as I've never seen that verse in quite that light. I can honestly say that today it raised my vibrational energy even higher!! It was an honor to meet you. Thanks again."
- AW

"I wasn't even there and it still blessed me with a brand-new, much needed front tire for the blesssed final price of $11.24!! Quantum Physics and Divine Favor can't be beat!!"

"Spiritual Insight and the Observer Effect!!!! METRON.... Loving it"
- PW

"It was so good at Metron. I love to sing and worship with these people!"
- Chandra Currelley

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