Tuesday, July 29, 2014


What you see is what you get...Quantum physics shows us that the way we observe the universe in this present moment literally evokes the universe that is observed...in the book of Joshua we see the city of Jericho described as being completely unchanged from the way it appeared before the wandering of the Israelites in the wilderness, still absolutely militarily impenetrable ("none went in, and none went out"), and yet God says to Joshua, "See! I have given you the city!"...the emphasis is on the word "See!", not on the appearance of the conditions of the situation...our perception of the universe is a part of the universe that is happening through us that has an effect on the universe that we are observing...the Genesis account describes the work of the Creator and uses the words, "And God saw that it was good"...Quantum physics points out that it makes no sense whatsoever to talk of an objective universe separate or independent from the observer...in a word, the universe is what we see that it is...the world is what you see that it is...your life is what you see that it is...noted physicist John Wheeler said,“Useful as it is under everyday circumstances to say that the world exists ‘out there,’ independent of us, that view can no longer be upheld. There is a strange sense in which this is a participatory universe.”

Not only does the observer change the present and the future by what he or she sees, he/she also changes the past in the same way...it's why the "R" in the METRON acronym is the word RENEWAL...the quantum universe is one which pulsates in and out of the void multiple times every nano-second, endlessly recreating itself anew...in the Scriptures we see this concept manifested in the doctrine of Justification ("just as if they had never sinned"), and why we read in the Hall of Fame of Faith chapter (Hebrews 11), the biographies of the OT saints seeming to be re-written...in Genesis we see Sarah mockingly laughing at the ridiculous notion of having a baby in her old age (she even gets rebuked for it), but in the NT the story is spun to imply that she laughed with joy, as in confirmation of a prophecy, and even shows her agreement by naming the baby Isaac, which means "laughter"...parallel realities, or a change in observation?

Each moment brings with it a potentially new past, which we are the ‘builders’ of in the present moment...we are here to write and re-write our own stories ("the Gospel according to you"), editing it and re-editing it until all concepts of victimization have been removed, and the story is told as a win/win tale... in this present moment right now there are endless possibilities..it is an infinitely layered moment in time, vibrating with unmanifested potential...in the future, when we consider this multi-dimensional moment in which we find ourselves, we will probably focus our attention and only remember a certain piece or aspect of this very moment, crystalizing it in time, and this will be our ‘memory’ of that seemingly past event...and yet, the way we remember this present moment in the future will have an actual effect on the way that moment in the future manifests...in other words, the way we contemplate the past has a creative effect on how the present moment manifests....prophetic insight includes prophetic memory...remember this day as one of the most beautiful ones in your whole life...create your future...create your present...create your past...create your life...


  1. Jeff Bowen said...

    Re-imaging of my life and body commencing NOW.

    1. Wow Bishop, that is exactly what I am doing..creating in the midst of transition. This is spiritually energetic. .

  2. Pamela Holbrook said...

    Awesome.....deep...love it....for sure something to meditate on....

  3. Deana Furnish Hartshorn said...