Wednesday, July 23, 2014


"And God said, 'LET THERE BE LIGHT" (particularly Quantum Physics) teaches us that everything that exists in the universe consists, at its core, of pure energy...everything is interconnected with everything else, both the seen (or the 'physical'), and the unseen (what some would call the 'metaphysical') if everything in existence at its core is comprised of this same vibrating mass ...of pure energy (both the seen as well as the unseen), then what the most enlightened teachers in the history of the world have taught, and spiritual texts have shown for thousands of years is true...we really are all ONE!

Here's the thing...all things (including you) are basically made out of the very same vibrating mass of pure energy that is intricately interconnected with and to everything really doesn't matter which avenue you choose to study, whether spirituality, religion, rightly dividing the Scriptures, Quantum Physics, Laws of Attraction, human physiology, cosmology, etc., the bottom line is that all avenues will ultimately lead you to the very same conclusion ("the Knowledge of the Lord fills all the earth"), and that conclusion is that we really are all ONE...

You don't have to be a minister or a priest or a rabbi or an imam or a mystic or a shaman or a swami to get can see it just through the simple observation of nature ("the heavens declare the glory of God")...Jesus' famous prayer of John 17 was totally a reaffirmation of this fact...ONENESS is what it's all about...that's why the power of agreement is so's why Paul exhorted the Corinthian church to all "speak the same thing"...diversity is a beautiful thing, and I certainly want to live in a world where there is a constant exchange of different ideas among and between people with different world-views...a healthy society is based largely on that freedom...and I absolutely believe in the sovereignty of the individual, and celebrate my own uniqueness, as I believe everyone's important to know that you're special, and why...but on the very deepest level, we're all ONE! Be connected to that ONE source of Light and energy today in your thoughts and words, and draw strength from it (I'll resist the temptation to say "May the force be with you!" here)...

You are not are not are not cut in harmony with others and with yourself and with your own destiny today...speak words that create ONENESS-awareness within yourself, and in all your in harmony with nature and with the ancestors and with the universe and with are made out of the very same Light (energy) that started it all!


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    So true!

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    Yes n yes!

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    Right on!

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    Love it. Thank you!

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    I would love to print it and reread it again... Thank you, Jim Swilley