Friday, July 25, 2014


From the classic Beatles song 'Come Together' we heard the immortal line, "ONE THING I CAN TELL YOU IS YOU GOT TO BE FREE!" Truer words were never weren't built for slavery and were born to fly, destined to know how to go with the flow, and to enjoy abundant life to the fullest...let yesterday go so that you can be free to experience all the beauty of yourself from pettiness and hidden agendas of manipulation, and forgive people quickly, so that you don't live out your days bound and handcuffed to bitterness and past offenses...declare your liberation from self-defeating belief systems, and move away from any inner monologue in which you tell yourself things that are contrary to the best and the brightest...get yourself free from overthinking every decision, or always needing to defend yourself, or driving yourself crazy with re-playing old negative conversations in your doesn't matter who was right or wrong in a doesn't matter that you weren't able to prove your doesn't matter that you don't know how everything is going to work out tomorrow...avoid all the ego-traps and be free in your free with your positive free in your free in your affection for your loved free to love yourself and to believe in yourself and to praise your life and to talk up the good free to free to turn off the victim free to enjoy your blessings with no limitation and no free to stop worrying about what everyone else will free to be happy and to live a big life out in the open...out in the fresh air and sunshine...have a beautiful weekend...

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