Friday, July 18, 2014


You are valuable.

Your contribution to the world matters.

You are special and unique and beautiful in ways that you don't even realize.

When someone gives you a compliment, believe that they are telling you the truth about yourself. Don't try to downplay it. Accept and receive it, and agree with them in your heart. It doesn't matter that you haven't done everything exactly right...what matters is that you've kept going...that you got back up and tried again, even when you perceived that you totally blew it. You're still a winner. It doesn't matter that other people have hurt probably wasn't even about you, was about them acting out on their own insecurities, and the likelihood is that they are really sorry that it even happened at all, but are too preoccupied with their own pain to do anything about it now. Have compassion on them and let it go. It doesn't matter that you need to lose a few pounds, or that your nose isn't perfectly shaped, or that that you're not tall enough, or that you wish you were lighter or darker. You're really fine just like you are, and besides, you know that that's not really what your beauty is about, anyway. You are intelligent. You are strong. You are attractive. You're a good person to know. Nobody expects you to be perfect, so just be who you are and truly believe that that is enough.


  1. Valerie Hugsy Bridgeman said...

    Thank you for these true words. Blessings!!!

  2. Byron Sowell said...

    thank you for this

  3. James Shamus Rock said...

    Once Again You Sent Words I Needed ! Thank You & God Bless!

  4. Barbara Clancy said...

    Thanks Bishop!

  5. Jill McAllister Burcham said...

    Speaking Life............

  6. Javalyn Hall-Johnson said...


  7. Deb Perkins Muehlstein said...

    Right back to you!

  8. Linda Elliott said...

    Words of Praise that lift us up and we send it back to you and yours in a million fold. Bless you Bish.

  9. Gina Hay Bryan said...

    Wow. Uplifting and inspiring. Thank you.