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Sunday, January 10, 2016


"Today was awe inspiring. One of those topics where the expression, "There is a fine line between revelation and blasphemy" could apply. BUT, I knew what you were teaching was pure truth, because my spirit bore witness with every word, and my eyes wouldn't stop crying. That's usually a gauge for me. Enlightenment does help us with this #YearOfLivingYourBestLife#"
"...Great word sung and spoken!"
 "Bishop I just watched your service from today and it was awesome...
Love and appreciate you."
"I truly love this series...."
"...Your message totally rocked and provided much confirmation & clarity of some things 
that I've personally experienced. thx for always bringing such timely & insightful teaching..."
"Cindy is so anointed! What a set up for the Word today! Bishop your revelation of the Word was over the top! Left me totally speechless and in tears!"
"Cindy is just the best!!!"
"Bishop, I loved today's teaching"

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