Tuesday, January 5, 2016


"We got our 30 in Metron family ! We want to see your pictures this week !"
-Ken Marshall

"Just finished my 30 on the elliptical...no pics today...
it would have only been 10 without this week's challenge!"

We only live 500 feet from The Silver Comet Trail. Ben Bailey and Rusty Bailey walk almost everyday. I've been talking about going with them since we moved here in May and, thanks to Jim Swilley's encouraging message this morning I DID IT! We had a wonderful family outing! Now if you and Ken Marshall can just give us some classes in taking great selfies LOL!
-Terea Bailey

"Got my 30 in, including running up and down stairs several times! Yes, I said running..."
-Michelle Collier

"To my Metron Fam. Got it in. 
More than 30 min. but it was a nice walk and talk with God on the track of Alcovy High School."
-Reginald Sawyer

"Ok Metron.. Out in the cold for the challenge."
-Frances Martin

"Hey METRON family, got it in today!"

"Getting in my 30 for today, and speaking out faith-filled words in behalf
of all of you who have contacted me today to ask for prayer..."

"Don't play with me! What was I doing at 5:15 this morning? 
Getting my 30 minutes in!"
-BJ Bueford
"Getting my 30 in at lunch on this cool morning ! Keep those pics coming ! 
I love this!"
-Ken Marshall

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