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Thursday, August 7, 2014


I Am that I Am (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה, ehyeh ašer ehyeh

These days there is so much being discussed and written about the subject of  "I AM" declarations/affirmations, especially among people who are aware of and in sync with the Law(s) of a similar flow, those of us who have a background in and connection to the 'Word of Faith' movement have heard teaching about "positive confession" for many, many years, which has been largely based on a passage in the Gospel of Mark (Chapter 11, verse 23) where Jesus told His disciples that they could have what they say if they would believe with their heart that what they said would come to pass...actually, there are many Scriptures that make a similar connection between the heart and the mouth ("Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable...", "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks...", "With the heart man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation", etc.)...

Jesus is recorded, especially in the Gospel of John, as making many different "I AM" declarations..."I AM the Bread of Life"..."I AM the door..."I AM the Good Shepherd"..."I AM the way, the truth and the life", "Before Abraham was, I AM", etc...even in the Gospel of Luke, when He stands to read Isaiah's famous prophecy in the assembly ("The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me..."), He seems to be walking in a new awareness of who He is when He says "This day this prophecy is fulfilled in your ears"'s nearly as if He is speaking Himself into existence by His own creative words...

“I AM” declarations/affirmations are powerful positive statements or commands of self-talk...intentions that are verbally expressed which describe a desired the same way that Isaiah said that God "declared the end from the beginning", and Paul said that He "called those things which are not as though they are", these declarations ideally connect the present with the really work they are supposed to be repeated many times a day, in order to impress the subconscious mind, and trigger it into positive action through vibrational frequency to the brain...Jesus warned His followers to be aware of "vain repetitions", and said that they should not assume that God would answer their prayers simply because of their "much speaking" (He was particularly referring to the empty religious ritual of "chanting" that was quite popular in the day and in that part of the world), but in fact there is proven validity in saying positive words, and continually repeating them in order to ensure their effectiveness...the repetition is not for God's sake, but for the sake of the individual who is doing the speaking...these affirmations should be repeated with intention, conviction, belief, and desire...two of the most powerful words in your every day language are “I AM”, because what you insert after them will ultimately shape your reality...Paul said that "faith comes by hearing", which just means that what you hear the most you end up believing the easiest, and the person you hear speaking the most is of course you!

Thoughts certainly have vibrations, and the internal monologue is very powerful and creative ( or destructive), but putting a thought into a word definitely takes the vibration to another it into a higher frequency...God didn't think the words 'Let there be light', He said the words 'Let there be light!'...Jesus said to speak to the mountain, not just to speak about the mountain...what you tell yourself on a daily basis, whatever you are feeling, is what you are vibrating, and whatever you are vibrating is what you are attracting...

Yesterday I posted about God's declaration of "I am that I am" to Moses in the book of Exodus, and how it's actually more accurately translated "I will be what I will be"...we discussed how the words "I will be" contain a different energy than even the words "I am", because they speak not just to present reality, but to future potential...when I posted Part 1 on Facebook I got a lot of good good friend Richard Garganta commented on it and said, "I heard a Rabbi expert on Hebrew once say this could be said, 'I exist because I am existence.'..."...I love it...just shows you how much variety and shades of meaning there are in the living, vibrating words of God!
Also on yesterday's post, Leslie commented and posed a great question when she said  "In the flow....but how do you change what you've already spoken? Spiritually I know this, however manifesting it in the natural is quite the obstacle. How far back do you go to lay the axe to the root? Would love to hear your perspective." which I responded,  "I'll answer in the next post, but let me go ahead and say that it's not that hard...the most profound changes usually happen with the least amount of effort..."the light shines in darkness, and the darkness cannot overtake it" positive word is more powerful than a thousand negative ones..."

Another good friend of mine, Donald Cofield, also responded to her question with this: "...Leslie that is an interesting question you had. My first thought carried me back in my mind to the old TV show "Bewitched". On it Endora...was often casting a spell (speaking a reality into existence) and it...never benefited her target. When her daughter Samantha got hip to her shenanigans she would finally get her to speak another spell which would cancel out the first spell. And personally I grew up on a farm and we have been known to literally disc a crop under (that's farm jargon) in order to make room for another crop that had more profit potential. I think that possibly a similar principle could apply to us in the spirit realm."

I couldn't have said it better...I do believe that what we are today is the product of what we said yesterday, but I also believe that the present is stronger than the past, that light is stronger than darkness, that positive energy is stronger than negative emergy, and that "I will be what I will be" is even stronger than "I am that I am"!

That which is now already has been, and that which is to be already has been; and God seeks that which has passed by [so that history repeats itself]. (Ecclesiastes 3:15 - Amplified Bible)
This passage in this translation talks about history repeating itself, but as we discussed in a previous post, I believe that you can even re-create your history by your words..."I was what I was...I am that I am...I will be what I will be"...God is apparently evolving and increasing...the Universe is growing and "appears to be accelerating faster and faster instead of slowing down, purportedly faster than the speed of light" (thanks for that, Lonna), and you are getting better every day! 
You will be what you will be, and you're going to be AWESOME!


  1. I truly believe that I am awesome and becoming more ....don't even know where I'm headed but I do know it's working for my good. As I transition from the 50's to the 60's I stand in great expectation looking forward to great things. a community that I love I can exhale and say "I am that I am by the grace of God"

  2. A James Collins said...

    Thank you for stripping the fear off transition and expansion allowing us the realize the activity of the universe in our evolution. We've been coming this way all along! Metacostally yours... Njoy Life!

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  4. Jacob Israel said...

    I will be whatever I will be indeed ... It's amazing to
    see people coming around. We are all lights to one another indeed