Sunday, January 20, 2019


"...Magic, truth, revelation & healing..."

"Even though it has rained and has been cold, I can say with no exaggeration, this weekend has already filled my cup of what I was wanting....Metron Meditation is one of a kind."
- FM    
- BB
"WOW... WOW...WOW... there are seriously no words to explain what is so full in my heart from this weekend... Back in the day I would speak in tongues.. But even that can't express how this weekend changed everything... My entire being, body, soul and spirit has experienced a higher place of reality... A place where once experienced one can never go back... The vibrations are so high I literally feel like I have been suspended in mid air... My feet have left the ground... And I'm not coming back down... A transformation beyond anything I've ever experience in my entire life... And the only words that can be uttered from the depths of my being is WOW... This ride is amazing... I believe I can fly..."
"Another great meditation weekend that was unique and special in its own way. Thank you Bishop, Ken,...and everyone of you. Peace, love and harmony."
- RM
"The only words I can say for this meditation this weekend is “Thank You”.  It was being in heavenly places. I don’t know of anything that would have made it better."
- FM
I learned a very powerful three word prayer this weekend. “So be it”. I don’t believe these three words can be over used. Kind of like you can’t tell someone too many times how much you love them or care about them. I intend to use this three word prayer often and after every thought, intention and giving thanks. So be it!"
- RM
"It's still speaking peace to my soul!!"
1/19 - #meditationweekend4 - Such a beautiful evening here in our Upper Room, and everything that happened there favorite part of the meditation experience was when we brought down the lights, turned our chairs to face the sunset over Lake Burton, and incorporated a kind of prayer into it that was unlike anything I've participated in before was in keeping with what we're talking about this month at #METRON ('MEDITATION, PRAYER AND INTENTION: Creating the Future with a Threefold Cord Not Easily Broken')...
I was so impressed with everyone's next-level revelation, and the way each person expressed what they were we said/chanted "So be it!" after every prayer declaration, the Presence in the room just got stronger and stronger until it was nearly overwhelming...
Awesome experience...
- JS
"Jim Swilley thanks for everything, I had a wonderful time and got what I came for" 
"...This weekend was deeper for myself. I brought more energy home. It’s still with me and I think each one lasts longer and longer. That’s why we get excited for the next one. These trips can’t be described. It’s something you have to be in for yourself."
- FM

"...Amazing weekend."
- RM
"...There are no other words adequate to describe."
"Yeeeeeees! Y’all have powers!"
- YR
"Our meditation weekend #4 in Unicoi State Park was another amazing event. Each one gets better and more empowered to spirit. We have such a great time together and the meditation just makes it so much better. There are no words to describe what it is or how much it means to each one. All I know is each one gets stronger and stronger and I believe each one just brings more serenity and unity. Sounds like what is described as 'Heaven' <3 <3 <3 "
- FM

1/20 - We met at the lodge this morning instead of up at the beach house because it was snowing...just drove back up there to get a charger cord that I left last night and got one more shot of the beautiful #meditationweekend4 

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