Sunday, December 17, 2017

TODAY AT METRON - 12/17/17

" Today was absolute perfection... I truly love my Metron Family."
- BB
"Glad to have Cori in the house & bringing some Christmas cheer...I love that you've chosen the topic My Grownup Christmas list as your series for this month...Life truly is what you believe it to be & being able to SEE beyond the physical realm... I'm proud of you for what you stand for & when you say that ALL are welcome, they truly are! Speaking peace & blessings to you all & may the Spirit of Christmas continue throughout the year."
- DM
 "Today was so awesome. The message was talking about your trip and the music was awesome too. It was just altogether lovely."
- FM
"He and his music had a really sweet energy to it this morning, the exhortation from you was a roller coaster of emotion and sweeter than banana cream pie."
- ES

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