Tuesday, August 29, 2017


"...your teachings are really transforming my life. I have really enjoyed the meditation series, especially, the meditative moments."
- JH
"...I'm REALLY loving the meditation portion you've added to the service! I find myself looking forward to participating in those each week. You mentioned yesterday that some were having emotional moments during the process. I'm one who has this experience myself. I've had to invent new ways over the years to steal a few moments of stillness while simultaneously being surrounded by continual crisis...and not having opportunity to separate myself from it often in reality. Maybe this is the reason why, but during your meditations...I cease all thinking and my mind never wanders at all. From the first few breaths to the last...I'm THERE. I'm IN. About halfway through I begin to feel such an awareness that I'm entering into a realm that isn't of this world. I'm always overwhelmed by emotion at this realization...and yes, there are tears. 

Last night as I was focusing on my breath, I suddenly tuned in to the peaceful sound of birds chirping in the background of the meditation music you had playing. As soon as I heard it I could feel my spirit vibrating higher...and in my mind's eye I saw a beautiful bird flying high above the clouds, higher and higher...until there was an visual shift of atmosphere that was obviously divided into dimensions. The bird flew up, up, up, completely out of the earthly realm and into a vast universal realm. When the bird passed through to the heavenly realm, I felt such love and a peace that radiated through every fiber of my being. I knew instinctively and intuitively that in this infinite space of endless supply of resource---nothing was lacking and nothing was broken. THIS was the place that was spoken of...where everything that we'll ever need that pertains to life and godliness..is kept. Thanks for facilitating such an amazing experience..."

- DS
"First meditation ever, felt amazing afterwards"
- CW
"Those meditations seemed so quick. I felt so much better afterwards. Your guiding voice was the icing on the cake."
- CE
"Today was really good. The meditation session was relaxing and you were like a guru at it."
- FM
"Meditation was awesome today.
"...I need more!
"... love that you have incorporated meditation into the service... it really does give you peace & clarity into our lives..."
"...Here's what I got: Meditation is type of self-healing, the point of ascension is to get to place of not knowing, so judgement and filters are removed. Also, while we were meditating, I heard the word, "Yes". I heard I am not withholding any good from you, don't withhold it from yourself. So much!..."

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