Monday, August 14, 2017


"First meditation ever, felt amazing afterwards"
- CW
"Those meditations seemed so quick. I felt so much better afterwards. 
Your guiding voice was the icing on the cake."
- CE
 "I'm not quite sure how to describe what I feel, but I agree there has been a change for Metron. Really, I began to sense it at the picnic. A sweetness, a quiet celebration of one another's journeys. As you said even words aren't always necessary when we're on the same page. Today was great, that quiet unity."
"Today was excellent at Metron. No sermon, no presures..Just a now word for this day. Tomorrow will take care of itself if we apply our minds to this moment and remember to "Let there be light"on anything we do. Thanks Bishop Jim Swilley."
- FM
It was great being at Metron today
- CW
"Stay in the flow, Bish!!"
- BA
 "I'm really glad to be a part. You have no idea the impact your words have made on me. 
God in the flesh."
- CE
"Today was really good. The meditation session was relaxing and you were like a guru at it."
- FM
"Mama needed this.....thanks.....♡"
"Grateful to be there. Very."
"It was cool, Bro. Very cool."
- DC

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