Sunday, December 11, 2016


"Today was amazing!! Loved every Word.
- HA
"Church was sooooo amazing today! My Pastor, Donald Earl Paulk & Bishop Jim Swilley COLLABORATED (there is that word again) in ministry! What an amazing and confirming experience. WOW! We love you Metron at Landmark's Midtown Art Cinema!!”
"The most inspirational part of today is that you were the you we see at Metron even though you were in a more religious type setting. That taught me something that I was missing"
- CM
"Today was a wonderful day at Spirit & Truth Sanctuary. Pastor DE and Bishop Swilley (first cousins) shared the pulpit in another of their unique sessions..."
- DP
"Today was great!"
- RS
"Great service at Spirit & Truth with Jim Swilley and Donald Earl Paulk !"
- KM
"Had so much fun with the two of you. Well all of you, thanks for much for coming and sharing the word. I had my granddaughter and great-grandson visiting from Colorado and she said she really enjoyed it and she had not been to church in years."
- IC
“Today was so good. I'm so glad we went. So in the flow!
- FM
"Bishop, Jim Swilley and Pastor, D.E. Paulk together again. What an awesome team they are. The Word was in the house today, and all is well in the world.”
- CA
“...As always great words of Life.
"Really enjoyed today. Always great when you team teach with D.E. or Jon or Doug, etc. Each brings a different energy, and draw something different out of your gift. Nice to get more into the Christmas Spirit with the great music. I remembered my part in every song. Lol! Especially great to see your dear parents.”
"What a wonderful day! Only 4 words can explain. 
Truth At It’s Greatest..”
"I loved the message, what keep rattling in my brain is if God wants us to forgive our enemies why wouldn't he forgive his, wow food for thought.
"Totally enjoyed. I know they're busy but I hope they try to get together like this at least once a year. There is certainly a chemistry...synergy. love it
"Today was awesome."
- FM

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