Sunday, December 4, 2016


"What an anointing on the word today... There's always a special Spirit & flow when Jon is in the house... Love the Caterpillar & Butterfly concept... I'm willing to grow my wings... Standing In agreement that we come together as one in the Spirit... It truly is a wonderful life... Peace & blessings"
"Loved service! You gotta fix the Youtube - I can only hit "like" once and I need a love love love button 🙂"
"It was a revelation evolving kind of day."
- BC
 "Today was an awesome day with such good music and defining how to evolve instead of revolving our old patterns again..LOVED IT."
- FM
 "What a awesome Day at METRON! I love to hear Jon Scott sing. 
Bish and Jon were so good as a team!!"
- CW
"What an awesome time and great synergy between you 
two and our own hearts today. Thank you!!"
"Just watched the service and I have to watch it again! ♡♡♡♡♡ So amazing! 
Filled with rich Revelation! "
- CM
"Always love how Jon Scott can bring in Spirit with music and word. These "meetings of the minds", are wonderful, they challenge the gift in you Bishop, and whoever you invite to the table, we are the benefactors. Though all that was said was great, the one thing that stood out was that no one can own the concept of "the Father", and if we try to see it from only a Christian perspective, we have not seen the Father!"
"You guys are the best. Lots of stuff on which to meditate."
- BC
"Awesome Today"
"Today was excellent"
- FM

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