Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Last Friday morning I met Danny Colclough for coffee at my neighborhood Starbucks...many of you know Danny from CHURCH IN THE NOW as "Pastor Danny", and he and his wife, Gloria, are now a part of METRON, and Danny serves on the Board of JESM...I didn't know this before, but found out while talking to him that day that we have a connection that goes all the way back to the early 80's (before I even started CITN) when his family was attending a church at which I ministered...that's when he said that he first "heard" my Voice, and now he and his family have been "hearing" it (and following it) for all these many years...to say that I love the Colcloughs is an understatement...

Anyway, Danny just wanted to run a couple of things by me that have to do with his career and the future of it, but we ended up talking for about two hours about God and about METRON and about revelation and about the good things that are happening in the world, and it was just a wonderful, empowering meeting and conversation that kept me buzzing all day...I told him that we should meet more often, because he always speaks into my life, and when you're on the giving side most of the time, it's nice to receive once in a while!

Those of you who know Danny, know that he really operates at a high, energetic vibration...he's always positive and insightful, and his words pull you up to a higher frequency (at least they do with me), because they are always full of light...

So after our awesome talk, Danny had to go, and I stayed there with my computer to look at FB and answer some email...but just minutes after he left and I was still at the table, I picked up my phone and shot this selfie...there was a light above my head that apparently created a sort of halo effect which hit me right at eye level...I didn't do anything to the pic, it just looks like this, and I love it...I love it because it looks cool and kind of superhero-like, and it reminds me of what happened last Friday in Starbucks...that amazing occurrence of two or more people who are in agreement exchanging power-words in love...it creates an atmosphere, and even though I know it was just the electric light that made the picture look like this, I want to believe that it was more than that; that it was a manifestation of what had just taken place at that very table...

It's currently my profile pic on FB, and after I posted it yesterday I got a lot of humorous comments about it, but I have to tell you, it's really one of my favorite profile pics, ever...

I made me think of this Scripture, which is one that I love and to which I have always related (and, yes, Paul said it...when he was in the zone he could write some really good stuff!):

"But the spiritual man tries all things [he examines, investigates, inquires into, questions, and discerns all things], yet is himself to be put on trial and judged by no one [he can read the meaning of everything, but no one can properly discern or appraise or get an insight into him]." (1 Corinthians 2:15Amplified Bible)

I love this stuff...


  1. Tanesha Fluker Floyd said...

    My son and I love Pastor Danny's positive spirit!

  2. Leslie Holloway said...

    Such an epic orb!

  3. Darlene L'amour Swilley said...

    Amazing! Great to hear the story behind the unusual pic! We sure love and appreciate Danny too!

  4. From my FB profile pic:

    Frances Martin - Awesome!

    Avery Price Rogers - How you do dat?

    Jim Swilley - I just did a selfie in Starbucks, and it's the way the light above me hit...no special effects...just thought it was cool...

    Avery Price Rogers - "light above me" ...

    Jim Swilley - :-)

    Sarah Hayden - Even with lavender lights shooting from your eyes you still look good! Do you ever take a bad pic? Lol

    Jim Swilley - thanks, Sarah!

    April Monjure - Wow, cool

    Holly Anderson - It's the blue light...

    Jim Swilley - Maybe...

    Holly Anderson - Maybe ..maybe not..

    Sara Wright - Shooting lasers from your eyeballs is an excellent superpower. I bet in your case, they're compassion-lasers, right?

    Greg Grantham - You have super powers! Flashes of lasers from your eyes!

    Avery Price Rogers - Next? Rolls of thunder?

    Jim Swilley - LOL

    Kimberly Loveless Whaley - Those sweet eyes exuding rainbows of pure joy!!

    Jim Swilley - :-)

    Jacob Israel - Interesting how that light just happens to be SHOOTING OUT OF YOUR EYES! ... Keep your super powers to yourself... Don't be a show off superman lol

    Christine Williams - Follow the light!

    Jacob Israel - On second thought... Don't keep those super powers to yourself... Let it shine!

    Jim Swilley - :-)

  5. Deb Perkins Muehlstein said...

    I Don't think the light is a coincidence... And for Danny.... He is nothing but LOVE... He brings life everywhere he goes... I've always enjoyed our time together... He leaves me with a smile every time

  6. BobandCindy Bishop said...

    Danny is an amazing man of God. I love there are people in your life that can speak to you. My brother in law has always said he has always seen a halo around your head from the first time he saw you on Royal Dr. The Spirit of the Lord is always with you.

  7. Donald Cofield said...

    Exactly what I was thinking Deb Perkins Muehlstein.
    That many things don't just sort of happen to fall into place at the same time.
    You the man Jim Swilley!

    1. Donald Cofield said...

      You have freaking changed my life man.
      But I'm hitting the hay. Get to sleep late in the morning and have to help dock a 900' long ship to the dock tomorrow night.

  8. Jacob Israel said,,,

    Jim... First of all "Let there be LIGHT" is a main theme of my latest essay ... It is also what happens on the 1st day of creation... So seeing your title for this awesome post was very cool to say the least... More bizarre is the fact that the latest minivan of love I did on Sunday, I too found very cool reflected light... So much so, that like you I received emails, and like you had to say... No it is just the LIGHT around me... Even though, like You I felt like ... Well, who knows enjoyed your post. Awesome timing as always.

    1. First of all, it's time that we finally met...secondly, I know that light bounces off of things and creates shadows, etc, and I don't read spiritual implications into every pic that's taken, but I swear it's happening more and more these days...strangers walk up to me/us to tell us that they see a light around us all the time...it's not just flukes in photography...

    2. ...anyway, I'm getting ready to do another 13 episodes of In The Now with Jim Swilley, and I want to have you come down to be a part of it...

    3. Jacob Israel said...

      I have been waiting for that invitation Jim Swilley! Honored and humbled and SO keeping you TO THAT! LOL ... Be well and thanks brother. My best to Ken

    4. I'll be in touch!

  9. Melissa Scarbrough said...

    It's called beaming.