Sunday, April 26, 2015


"Today's service was "AWESOME". I left feeling emotional. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness. How did I live so sad yet thinking I was on the right path? The things I would do to myself in the name of "humbleness and humility ". I would not allow myself to "Shine" because I didn't want people to think I was so called "all that". After today's service, you can bet its gone. I was so unlearned, yet thought I was doing the right thing. My Lord. I'm here at Metron to reverse those old habits and the way I use to think. I am free to live life and see real life changing results. I am being taught very well. I have walked that religious walk and said all of the cliches and didn't love the body I was in. I love myself now y'all and it's a beautiful thing. All is well. 
I am safe. Bishop you are AMAZING!"

 "Today's service was absolutely awesome 
feeling blessed"


  1. Lonna Spencer said...

    I was able to hear most of your message yesterday. I thought you might find the following excerpt from a book I read a few months back interesting... (About Rev. 22).

    "This is not a threat that the reader has to accept or believe everything written in this book of prophecy, as is sometimes interpreted; rather, it is a typical threat to copyists of the book, that they are not to add or remove any of its words. Similar imprecations can be found scattered throughout the range of Early Christian writings." Some of the other examples he gives are dire threats-hell and brimstone - for simply changing some words of a text. No threat could be serious enough in the face of copyists who could change texts at will, in a world that had no copyright laws.

    It is wonderful to see all the love sent to you and yours. I send you mine as well. <3

    1. Wow that's awesome, Lana Turner, and makes so much sense! Thanks for sharing! Did you have surgery today?

    2. Lonna Spencer said...

      Yes. I am home now. Ouch! But all is well! One other statement that I don't know who to credit is this.."Jesus didn't do it for us, but before us". Really good word yesterday. Very encouraging to see how well received it was.

    3. I love it. Thanks again. Speaking a quick and total recovery to you...a young woman such as yourself should do just fine! <3

    4. Lonna Spencer said...

      Thank you. I receive that!