Sunday, March 15, 2015


Creating with God... 
Transforming Chaos into Cosmos!!!!! 
Awesome word Bishop" The wound is place where the LIGHT enters you." - Rumi
— PW

"Such a good word and music too!!"
- CW
 "It was very awesome!"
- CW


  1. Frankly, I felt a little odd literally lighting a candle while I was dealing with something that caught me off guard this week... It helped, some. But then I came to this service. It's no surprise I'm sure that this poster loves this place...and those that came before it...and all of the ITB times...but 3-15-15? all who walk with God know, the tiny details are what speak the loudest. I've listened to this service four times now...seeing layer upon layer of "I've got you" "just keep on becoming"..."apply the light in the chaos of your wound" and others, revealed in details I is an ocean deep...keep becoming... Heads up, Kings...this place is a field you want to search in...