Monday, September 15, 2014


Yesterday (9/14/14) at METRON Community was, I think, the best one yet...that song that Judah wrote about Karma and performed yesterday was amazing, and the worship that he led was anointed...and I really could sense that everyone there was on the page with me in the message...the energy in the room was exhilarating...they tell me that the crowd has increased every week since the opening day, and that's good to hear, I suppose...but I've actually asked them not to count heads and tell me about it, because at this point in my life and ministry, I'm not really interested in being validated by numbers any more...I'm much more concerned with things like influence ("METRON" means sphere of influence) and can have a packed out house and still not really be doing anything to change the way the people think, or even be influencing them for the better, for that matter...I want to do and be more than that...suffice it to say, my definition of success has evolved considerably in recent times...

Anyway, here are some of the messages that people posted or sent me about Sunday's METRON in the last few hours...thanks so much for your words of support! They are life-giving to me! I was especially glad to hear good reports from streamers, because we've had some challenges in that area...we're still working out some of the kinks (it takes a minute to get everything right), and it will be even better next week, but at least yesterday's was good and we were able to keep the Wi-Fi for the entire time (finally found the right place to put the equipment for the best signal)...I'm aware that there are some issues with some of you being able to get it live on some of your devices, but I'm meeting with the tech team this week to resolve that...don't give up on us, streamers, 'cause you guys are VERY important to us!

"I'm loving the teaching on Karma! Words and spells/spelling.....I can't wait to dive into that one! Good one Bishop!"

"Thanks you for teaching such an awesome word! I enjoyed it very much. I love it when I feel good after leaving a service! I felt renewed and I wanted to go out and help others! You are awesome and I love you! We will see you again soon!"
- JD
"That was a great message you gave on karma yesterday Bishop! I was able to steam it. My son said it best when after they got home from Metron yesterday he said to me (paraphrasing) you've taken your message to a new level since Metron has started. I happen to agree! Awesome!

"Although I can't be there, I am watching all of your videos. What you are teaching continues to be very meaningful to me. I hope to visit Metron in person before long. Thanks for your message of truth!"
- BJ
Wish we could be there today.... Sure miss seeing everyone & the fellowship on a regular basis... I know the word you give today will be right on... Can't wait to see the video of Metron when we stop tonite... Thanks for doing what Gods called you to do.... Peace & blessings Bishop

 "Woo hoo! Streaming was so much better today! Thank you for investing in new equipment :-)
- JL

 "Everything worked great today. And everything that was said was great."

- DC

Thanks again, everyone! Don't forget to do your Karma homework today!


  1. Texted to P. Avery during service: "Streaming was AWESOME Today!" LOVE!

  2. Mystie Knutsen said...

    Is the service viewable?


  4. Nic Pocker said...

    Awesome... love it. especially the last part when you started speaking a blessing over our lives and calling us to a place of freedom, health and happiness.. the book of Numbers talks about the Aaronic blessing but this I'll it Jim Swilley blessing.

  5. Nic Pocker said...

    I'm indeed blessed to have someone like you speak words of life into my life... be blessed in everyway!

  6. Bill Jarrett said...

    I loved Judah's song about Karma! Back in early 1970, a favorite of mine was Instant Karma by John Lennon. Your focus is on positive Karma. John was singing more about negative Karma--like "what goes around, comes around". I appreciate your teaching, and take every opportunity to learn more! Thank you!