Saturday, September 13, 2014


Here are some of my favorite comments that have been posted on the blog under different articles over the last couple of months...I already have them permanently posted on the side column because they continue to encourage me, but I wanted to use them again here because they carry such a strong vibrational energy for me, and I draw a lot of strength from them...when you're born to be a communicator, the most important thing in the world is knowing that someone, somewhere is hearing what you say and getting what you the beautiful people who wrote these powerful comments I just want to say thank you again...your affirmation, confirmation and inspiration are invaluable to me... I LOVE YOU!...and I love all of you who are a part of the METRON Community, especially those of you who have transitioned with me from my previous place of influence...those of you who don't live in the Midtown Atlanta area who still believe that my messages are worth the drive are particularly special to me...I can't thank you enough...I am so grateful for you!

Words are so powerful, as we have said many times here...I just saw a sign that said "Words cast spells, that's why they call it 'spelling'...words are energy...use wisely!"...I haven't actually checked out the etymology of the word "spelling" yet to see if there really is a connection there, but it's an interesting notion...for more on the subject, check out this post:

Anyway, here are some words that continue to energize me...your agreement with them is appreciated!

"Awesome integration of progressive Christian thought with Quantum creative truths! A masterpiece Jim! Keep sharing these truths!"

 "Bishop Jim Swilley, I am so taken by this all I can say is WOW! I am fighting back tears of truth and joy. This is so wonderful I have been searching ways to describe what I've been feeling in this great movement of the Spirit and age in which we live. Thank you, for being the vessel and trumpet of truth that you are and showing me that I am one as well. Love you dearly."

"...I cannot tell you how awesome it is to be able to reconcile my metaphysical beliefs with Scripture. Until recently, I thought I had to put my Bible teaching aside if I wanted to believe in the Laws of the Universe. I am so glad that both belief systems can coexist in my life. Thank you so much!"
"Awesome, Amazing, Truth! So Blessed to be a part of this age of revelation. For some it will be the best of times and for some the worst of times depending on those who want to live their truths and those who want to fake it until they make it. Metron, here we are! Love you Bish and thank you!"

"I'm very glad of the direction of your journey, I too have had my faith restored by breaking with the traditional & seeking the truth which was always there but has been diluted & even demonized. Between sacred geometry, vibrational energy, noetic science & others, it has explained much of the Bible to me through science instead of just blind faith. Prayer circles are the same as an energy healing circle, our body was designed for love and the universe conspires for us. I believe Christ was sent here to teach us the way, the secret if you will. Sadly, many Christians are offended or afraid of the truth. I believe we are on the verge of a great awakening or evolution and applaud you for being brave & wise enough to spread the word."
- TH
"LOVE IT! I wish I could express the joy within me to finally hear words of truth spoken....the scriptures finally make sense...I am very honored to be a part of this Age of Enlightenment....I do not know how it all will manifest but I know deep within me we are a part of something great that will shine like the light in the lighthouse......selah..."
- PH
"Thank God for you!! May His Blessings be on you and your family always!! Thank you for your guidance and all that you have chosen to share. Thank you for loving me enough to share this message, His message with me. Amen"
"...there is a theme in this thread of creation and the universe and connection and reality and consciousness and embodiment and manifestation and transcendence that I am seeing, and it is congruent with my understanding of Christ. All of these posts and videos being posted, and the accompanying comments, really articulate so well the way I've been feeling about how it all ties together, so I am really appreciating this whole line of discourse. Thanks."
" refreshing to have the word reconciled by spirit science. God created man in his own image, not he or her, or humanoid, but consciousness, we are him & he is us. The Big Bang did happen & it's God's perfect creation of evolution, being able to adapt. When two or more are gathered in his name or laying of hands means shared energy, driving the negative away with positive vibrations. I'm glad you're teaching this, because quite frankly I'm tired of arguing with & offending other stagnant Christians."
- TH
"Revelations pouring from you like both the water & fire used to symbolize them. How could ANYONE possibly deign to imagine that you're going in an errant direction when the Truth IS so obviously revealed more with each jot, tittle, and word you post? S/He/Universe IS so...AWESOME!"

"Your freedom liberates us, unapologetically teach truth authentic, Njoy life and experience all things possible."
"Dude!!!! you are killing it!!! Thanks for more super-enlightened thoughts."

"Bishop WOW! What a great NOW word! This is well articulated and will change lives. People will drive from all over to hear this NOW word. This is a fresh breath of NOW heaven. Thank you for walking in your calling and your NOW truth."
- TH
"Thank you for stripping the fear off transition and expansion, allowing us to realize the activity of the universe in our evolution. We've been coming this way all along!"
"I wish I lived close to Atlanta. Having you as a pastor would be such a blessing."
- DD
"Thank you for this! I am amazed at how much this new spiritual community is resonating with my Spirit! The Universe always brings me exactly what I need...exactly when I need it!"
"You speak to a part of me confirming thoughts, words, love and life...springing from all there is to all that I am...."
"Jim, very profound...I really like how you tied Quantum Physics back to Christianity, the Bible...something I've had a hard time reconciling."
- RW
"I don't know how you know to post these things at the time you post them. Just know....IT'S RIGHT ON TIME! I have been attempting to reconcile my spirit around this very topic and have been doing research and watching documentaries, delving into other spiritual paths and consciousness-raising methods... It really is SEEK and you shall FIND."

Love and light to all of you!


  1. Angel Miller said...

    Bishop Swilley you chose the most amzing comments. They describe very intelligently the power of what people all over the world need to hear. My prayer for you is that people of great integrity influence and support surround you all the days of your life.

  2. Cynthia Fruge Alexander said...

    Thank you Bish for all that you do to teach, preach, enlighten, and empower. You have been a true blessing in mine and my family's lives. I love being a part of Metron and hearing the message/word you are giving, which is exactly what is needed in this day and time. It is so Now! I love and appreciate you. You inspire me!

  3. Thanks, you...and thanks for what you told me about Allysa last week...that meant a lot to me...

  4. Cynthia Fruge Alexander said...

    You're welcome!