Wednesday, September 24, 2014


"...wherein (or: in which place) there is no Greek [figure of the multitudes who are non-Jews, and of those who are cultured and civilized] and Jew [figure of a covenant people of God], circumcision and uncircumcision [figure for religious in-groups and out-groups; there is no longer a covenant people versus non-covenant people]barbarian [foreigner who speaks a different language], Scythian [figure or example of wild, uncivilized groups],slave, freeman, but to the contrary, Christ [isall, and within all (or: Christ [is] all humanity, and within all mankind; or: Christ [is] everything or all things, and within everything and all things; [note: the Greek is plural, and is either masculine, signifying “mankind,” or neuter, signifying all creation, in these phrases])."
(Colossians 3:11 - JMNT)

"[Lovecontinuously covers all mankind; it is habitually loyal to all humanity; it constantly has an expectation for all mankind; it is continuously remaining under and giving support to all people. (or, since “all” can also be neuter: It progressively puts a protecting roof over all things; it is habitually trusting in, and believing for, all things; it is continually hoping in or for all things; it keeps on patiently enduring all things.)"
(I Corinthians 13:7 - JMNT)

“The Self says ‘I AM’–as in the very grand sayings of Christ, especially in the Gospel of John, in which he says in the state of onenenss with Yahweh (which in Hebrew means ‘I AM’), I AM is the way and the truth and the life–but the ego says ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that,’ thus attaching itself only to a small portion of the Vastness. ” 
― Ravi Ravindra


  1. Deb Perkins Muehlstein said...

    Hope to see you all Sunday... Love our Metron family

  2. ...this post vibrates... "attaching...only to a small portion of the Vastness"? I certainly don't want to found doing THAT! :)