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Sunday, December 10, 2017


"OMG... what an awesome day at 'Spirit and Truth Ministries'. I love it when Bishop, Jim Swilley, of Metron Ministries in Atlanta and his fellow parishioners visit. It's always spiritually moving to hear him teach, and I always love to hear his cousin, Pastor, D.E. Paulk teach. But 'Good Lord', when they're both having that spiritual connection, you not only see it and hear it, but I can actually feel my spirit being moved by their teachings. They give me spiritual chills. Plus... it's always wonderful to see my friends who attend Metron Ministries."
- CA
"What a beautiful service, from the Christmas Medley to we're ALL connected... My grown up Christmas wish is the same... That we may all come together & let there be peace ... 
Goodwill towards men... What a powerful message"
- DM
"Today was such an awesome morning. Metron and Spirit and Truth Sanctuary teamed together to teach and it was excellent. Such present truths and enlightenment in the place. Vibrations were high and flowing throughout the whole message. So, so proud to call you my Bishop...Jim Swilley"
- FM
"Wish I could have been there. Miss the team of you two !"
"I am here with my Metron family for a combined service with our friends here at Spirit and Truth Sanctuary celebrating life and the goodness and faithfulness of God during this season of miracles. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!"
- WC
"Lotta energy in that crowd today."
- FM
"Today at Spirit and Truth Sanctuary we shared the ministry of Bishop Jim Swilley and Pastor DE Paulk. Cousins by birth, it is uncanny to see how similar their comprehensions of spiritual things really are. They shared the pulpit today discussing My Grownup Christmas List . . ."
- DP
"My guest truly enjoyed the messeages today. I was so proud of you and D.E."
 "Today was awesome. I wanted to stand up and shout... It’s been a long bit for that...excellence in the best."
- FM
 "I was so ministered to today!!!"
- EH
"Yes indeed! I echo the sentiments of my fellow family members in saying that the message today @ Spirit & Truth Sanctuary was so prophetic and enlightening. Such a synergy in music and message today it was awesome!"
- LY

Sunday, December 3, 2017


- JL
"Bishop Jim Swilley - Today was eye opening. Thank you for consistently each and every week lifting the fog to let there be light shining on new facets of the diamonds you present to us."
"Judah Swilley ! Enjoyed this morning! You too Bish ! Good word!"
"...I wanted to say thank you again for today...your message was a fabulous way to start out the Christmas season for me..."
- KS
"Great message today."
- FM
"Lord I just dropped my church hat running up and down these aisles at Metron. 
Bish you betta preach today!"
"Today's message was awesome and Judah, also.
How does it get any better than that?"
- SB
"...Today, I went to church just for me, for the first time in forever. And that was confirmed with a word by Bishop Jim Swilley...To actually be received by him and Judah, live and in the flesh, was so much confirmation that I’m in the right place, the right mindset and I’m doing the right thing. Hearing a word about changing perceptions, and focusing on the good, the holy, the divine...Atlanta was the move I needed. To be able to be taught with real knowledge and real application in a place where I’m accepted and affirmed, around people that just get it, today was amazing. God blessed me. God blessed me in a big way."
- CJ
"Dude - Bish - the knowledge of the Lord fills ALL the earth. U took that to a whole new level.
U were like "hello, I see Him in everything..."
It was truly amazing!!!!
- JL
"Awesome... Awesome service today"
- BB

Sunday, November 26, 2017

TODAY AT METRON - 11/26/17

" always! Thank you!"
"...Feel better just hearing your words today!"
"I thought that the service was great today. Really enjoyed it.”
- CH
"Today was awesome. Loved this month. I want it to keep going."
- FM
"Thanks for going live on Facebook!!! I like it a lot better than youtube."
- LA
"Was a great service today, it was good to be back!"
- CW
"Great word today!"

Sunday, November 19, 2017


"Always honored to host and share service with Jim Swilley and Ken Marshall 
and the family at METRON!"
- Robert Rutherford
"What a great word <3"
- DM
 "It was a great service and meal. It's always good to hear what you have to share. 
I hope you will visit again soon!"
 "It was such a good day."
- FM
"Had fun with the greatest people! Such a wonderful day! Love, laughter and great food! 
Good words that feed and heal the soul as well."
"There’s a lot of love right there <3 <3 <3"