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Sunday, January 3, 2016


"Wow... What a way to kick off the New Year.... Love Cindy, not only does she look amazing she sure knows how to usher in the Holy Spirit & minister... Glad you taught on the female side of God... After I read "The Shack" years ago it opened my eyes to a whole new side of God! What a great word..."
"Loved Cindy.....she brought it... 
...your word awesome!"
 "I so enjoyed her today!"
"Such a positive service today! Cindy was amazing as ever, and brought such a strong prophetic spirit that was the perfect lead in to your word on the feminine side of God, Wisdom crying in the streets! Wow! And after the Make a Wish video, it all was the best way to start a New Year, bringing light, hope and peace to all people."
 "Awesome Anointing on the music and preaching today!"
"Great singer"
"What an anointed voice"
"It was awesome!"
"You are welcome Holy Spirit, and he /she  smile emoticon was sure present."
"...I finally get how to watch you live so I will be "catching" up. But I wanted to thank you for your crazy great gift smile emoticon And I know you know my heart and the way I am expressing how grateful I am for you "Freak out and crazy" are the descriptions that apply today smile emoticon I love you!"
"Listening to Bishop Jim Swilley give a great word and Cindy Barlow Stanfield 'SANG'"
 "Today was so great."
 "It was a great word Jim Swilley!!!"
"WOW! Awesome Bish Jim Swilley!"
"The only word I have for today is..... Awesome!"

"There are simply no words for today's service... WOW!"
"I can't tell you how much Mike and I loved Metron!...It really excited me to (see) your
formant, your logistics, and your ministry model. I loved, loved, loved it...
We will be back for certain..."


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