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Saturday, September 27, 2014


"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, 
sweet to the mind and healing to the body." (Proverbs 16:24 - Amplified Bible)

Here are some more of my favorite comments that have been posted on the blog under different articles over the last couple of I said in Part I of this post, I already have them permanently placed on the side column of the blog because they continue to encourage me, but I wanted to use them once again because they carry such a strong vibrational energy for me, and I draw a great deal of strength from I said before, when you're born to be a communicator, the most important thing in the world is knowing that someone, somewhere is hearing what you say, and getting what you the beautiful people who wrote these powerful comments, again I just want to say thank you...your affirmation, confirmation and inspiration are invaluable to me... I LOVE YOU!...and, again I say, I love all of you who are a part of the METRON Community, especially those of you who have transitioned with me from my previous place of influence...those of you who don't live in the Midtown Atlanta area who still believe that my messages are worth the drive are particularly special to me...I can't thank you enough...I am so grateful for you!

I continue to be totally amazed by the power of words, and yours mean the world to me! Here are some more of them that continue to energize me...your agreement with them is again appreciated!  

"Thank you Bish for all that you do to teach, preach, enlighten, and empower. You have been a true blessing in my family's and my life. I love being a part of Metron and hearing the message/word you are giving, which is exactly what is needed in this day and time. It is so Now! I love and appreciate you. You inspire me!"
"...I've had so many changes of beliefs, opinions and have questioned just about everything I've ever thought and believed. I find peace in knowing that, that is okay. And that there will be a reconciliation of it all so that the past and present can live in harmony within me. You have so many times had the word in season for me, and for so many others. Once again, I find myself reminded of truth and encouraged to keep searching for it within. Thank you, Bishop."
- AH

"...although I haven't seen you in person since you were a child at Faith Memorial, I must say that virtually everything you post on here speaks directly to my heart. I'm really interested in the blending together of traditional religious thought and more modern spiritual ideas. As for me I am still trying to somehow recover from the sudden death of my younger sister in May. Every day has been a challenge. What you say on your posts has really helped me in my recovery. Keep up the wonderful work you do. You are helping more people than you know..."

"It is just AMAZING to see the person you have evolved to. I have been under your leadership since late 90's early 2000's and I am amazed at your change in paradigm. What I get from it most is freedom. Freedom to be who you want to be and not living the rest of your life how others expect you to be. It encourages me that I don't have to wait until my 50's to have that freedom. I am also amazed at how my outlook on what I have been taught all my life has changed but my faith is stronger than ever and my love for my creator is stronger than ever. I'm just amazed at who you have become and are becoming."
- AG

"You don't always have to "have a message" for us. You're always real so just do you! We (well, I) always get a message, confirmation and/or clarification from the things you post. Me, personally, I like your ramblings.......LOL. I 'get it' and enjoy your train of thought. #It'sAllGood"

Thanks again...hope to see many of you TOMORROW!

Don't forget to do your KARMA homework!



  1. I know that you have to know you are an inspiration to so many, but what I don't know is if you know or realize that you are truly a gift to us. So many of us look to you for words of inspiration that guide us daily and help uplift us through the troublesome periods in our lives. I do not believe you have any idea how many times you have touched my life with timely words that helped me get through some of the worst moments of my life as well as give me confirmation of thoughts or actions that I was contemplating. GODS plan for you has been revealed in so many and I hope that you recognize your mission and your worth. When I say that I love you it is because I really do. No games, no puns, no reason to lie, I love you Bish and I hope that you continue to be a blessing to those that need you.

    1. I'm humbled by your beautiful words...thank you so much! <3