Sunday, June 6, 2021


“You will never know what a blessing I get from listening to this precious man…This gentleman is the real deal. As I sit and listen to him…I can't describe to you the feeling that I get in my heart. The words he speaks are things that I have always felt in my heart. Everything he says makes perfect sense. The words that we were programmed to believe all our life made me believe that having a relationship with God was nearly impossible. If I had believed all of that garbage I would have given up my relationship with the Lord long ago. It is so refreshing to hear the truth, to hear the words I have always believed. He is honest, he is truthful, he is comical, he is inspiring…today when he had the conversation with the gentleman about when in doubt speak in tongues I laughed so hard I almost lost my breath…I have had people throw Leviticus at me for many many years…And as Jim said I can look at that person and see just by looking at them they are violating many things in Leviticus…I just needed you to know how grateful I am to hear this man…”
- TP   
“I so needed the Word today”

- PW

“Thank you! Crystal Clear Truth! I learn so much from these Sundays with you. It's just a big treat for me!”
- CA

“Just confirmation!!! You take us on this journey with you, teaching us from your experience, inspiration and understanding. Pouring out your heart, mind and soul to us your Children. I continue to bless the forces that have allowed us to meet (prayerfully soon in person). Thank you so much for EVERYTHING...My burden has been lightened and my strength renewed. Love You!”
- AJ

“So excited to hear you speak of us being the consciousness of Christ in all characters in the Bible. Must come by revelation only because not all understand.”
- CT

“Yes!!! I appreciate the Livestream so much! I feel connected from Florida”
- JT

“Thank you for this great message of affirmation!!! Love you!”
- GC

"Awesome... Awesome Day @ Metron today...Such an awesome connection"
- BB

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