Monday, December 23, 2019


"Thank you to everyone who stepped up today to help out in my absence...I'm surrounded by a host of angels in my life, not the least of which is Ken Marshall...thank you all so much...I love you all more than you know..."
"Merry Christmas & Blessings for the New Year! I love you Bishop! Special thanks to you for All you do & give! May the cup of healing overflow in you. You mean so much to me! I may not be ITB physically but spiritually I’m so tapped in. I am a member of Your body and Metron! So let there be light, healing,and everything else you need! In Jesus Name Amen" 
- SH
"...Merry Christmas to you and Ken.....Ken doesn't talk much but when he does he brings his A game and I was blessed for it....thank you for saying yes to God when he presented Ken to you...our lives are enriched for it..."
"The last time the vertigo was this bad was as you were making the decision to form Metron. This must be another vortex of victory."
- SB
"I'm not getting in front of the room but I do want to say something to you...I'm feeling and seeing your light that you're's white and flowing and I thank you for it..."
- NR
"Thank you Lord for this godly man.
You have gifted him to lead METRON, with a heart of worship, a talent to teach, a desire to reach out and be a comforting encourager.
Refresh, renew, protect and provide for him daily.  Empower him with Your Spirit to fulfill the calling you placed on his life for Your glory...The Lord keeps using your godly presence in my life, teaching me that He and I are never apart. How can I begin say and thank you for all the positive changes you have caused in my life. May God richly bless you as you continue to serve Him and I look forward to hearing what you have to teach us next.
Love you"

- EN
"I watched Metron through tears. The sweet music, the powerful and affirming words, the extraordinary humans that you lead..what a beautiful Christmas service! I'm in full agreement for your healing to spring forth speedily, Bishop. I appreciate who you are...and everything that you're about. You are loved. Merry Christmas!"
- DS

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