Sunday, July 21, 2019


"...As I grow, embracing what you teach...I begin to see the true essence of what the Bible really is.  The bible is all about the feminine and masculine consciousness working together and birthing a marvelous creation from thought.  A paradigm shift from the logical to the supernatural, and the joining of both.  From and unworthy state, to knowing who we are, the power of creation through thought.  (God created through thought (spoken word).  And only through this unformulated method do we birth the magnificent creation of what is truly meant to be.
I think of where I’ve come from (drowning in the abortive state of religion) to a creative being, with an intentional motive of producing manifestations though the tree of life.  The male and the female, joining together to birth a magnificent creation.  I have you to thank for that.  Thank you for showing me how to untangle myself and see myself as a creator.
My world is a different place now.  It’s beautiful and full of wonder.  When I finally refused to believe the lie that I am broken and saw the essence of the true creator that I am, is when it all changed for me.  And I know that physically where I am at this moment is not my destination.  I am moving forward and watching the birth of a beautiful world around me.  I’m now beginning to enjoy my journey.  It truly is beautiful, and I look forward to the manifestation of all my creations through the tree of life.
I love you to forever and back…I love who you are… I love where you are going…I love the place you have created… I love you…Thank you for being a huge part of who I am today.  I am forever grateful to you…"
"You betta give the words of life today Bish… The meditation was everything."

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