Monday, July 8, 2019


Chainsaw or Metron...I decided to stay home this morning and work on my chainsaw, then, at the last  minute, I ran inside, took a quick shower and headed to meditation Sunday. As I walked in and sat down, I blurted out to Jim, this better be good, saying, we all came for some good stuff today. It was. How could it not be, in a space where Robert Rutherford, Dr. Martin, Dr. Sheila, Eddie Sellers, and the world's sweetest woman, Mrs Leona, had gathered, along with other beautiful seekers...I was glad I put the chainsaw on the back burner, because it was good...Jim brought his A game."
- ES
"I was so blessed to be in the presence of LOVE yesterday at METRON!..."
- RR
"Perfect!! Great service today!"
- CW
"Today was awesome. I had been out for a Sunday...Please tell me how people stay out for weeks or even months at a time?...For me it's like not taking my B12."
- FM
"Nothing like being there!"
- EJ
"When it comes to speaking truth, life, light, divine insight and revelation, Jim Swilley doesn’t have off-days."
- HB
"Great Service today....You brought it today Bish!"
- BB
"An inspiring message to get us in the mindset for our upcoming meditation weekend."
- KM

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