Sunday, November 5, 2017


"Every service, every series, every time. You are rocking it Bish! Thank you!..."
- PC
"Great words of life from #jimswilley #metron #preptime..."
- CC
"What a good word..."
- RS
"...your message today echoed a wonderful conversation I had last night with a regard to our energy and attention, creating what we experience, allow and deny. Such serendipity..."
- ES
"Where is my church hat? I'm about to run up and down these aisles... You betta preach Bishop!"
"Such awesome vibrations going out on your words.  Definitely a seer today..."
- FM

"Truly an awesome word..."
- BB

"Thank you Bishop. Today’s message on clarity and ownership of our Yes , No, and maybe is excellent..."
- MS
"Thank you for back to back fresh and refreshing stuff..."
- DC
"Today was really great at Metron . I am so enjoying the consistency of the teaching. It’s a continuous flow of one after another. No jumping around or “going backwards”...Good Stuff."
- FM

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