Monday, October 9, 2017


"Love Bishop Jim and the METRON community! Conveniently located in Midtown ATL, and each of his segments can be streamed online (live) via YouTube, as well as a weekly podcast. 

Unlike traditional pastors, Bishop Jim draws the link between the Christian faith and modern science, which is often perceived as dichotomous views. But, Bishop Jim draws the correlation between the two to facilitate a dialectical approach to reasoning. 

So much to love here about METRON, and until you open your mind and heart to explore the limitless possibilities that Bishop Jim delivers to audiences everywhere, you won't experience anything quite like the atmosphere at METRON."

- ZK

"Listening to Bishop Jim Swilley with a community of Believers, Worshippers and Lovers of God n Christ!!!"

"...Wonderful music brought by Marshall Ruffin. Bishop Swilley giving the NOW word."

"Great to be ITH here at METRON."
- RM
 "I just watched this. Very good. I missed being there."
- FM

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