Sunday, September 10, 2017


"Today was so good. With so many fearful today, it was so great to be at Metron with a group of people meditating for a bit. I came home seeing my neighbor preparing for flooding...I believe I can do more by calming my own waters first.."Thankful""
- FM
"Meditation today reminded me of John Coffey from The Green Mile blowing out his "stuff". Excellent!"
"...One of the best teachers ever..."
- MP
"I enjoyed sitting around a bunch of sweet people and hearing them laugh and their comments and Jim never disappoints."

"There has been a sweetness that has come with the meditation. Perhaps it is the letting go that is allowing a freedom from stress, which at times clouds the beauty, and wonder of Life."
- BR
"Today was such a good time. We love all the inspiration mixed with laughter.It's like fine wine in our spirits."
- FM
"Meditation was awesome."
- BB
- MB

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