Sunday, September 27, 2015


"There was an extraordinary energy there today."
"How mesmerizing it is to witness the works of the Spirit unfold through the lenses, 
the hearts, the faces of others !!! What an incredible experience..."
 "One amazing lady" 
"You've been speaking to me all day"
"Bishop~ this series.."The Time Of Your Life"...Phewwwww! With every cluster of new teachings, you bring to the table a full 7-course meal. I've read that it takes about 6 hrs to actually eat one of those, and it takes at least that long for me to gather up all the manna you've just dropped..and the rest of the week to devour, dissect, absorb.. and to get it properly flowing through my veins.
When I tell you that I've never missed Metron once since you began over a year ago, I mean NEVER. In fact, sometimes..I watch the same service twice just to let it sink in even deeper. I've been to church most of my life and I've been blessed to sit at the feet of a few amazing ministers of the gospel, but for the past 7 or 8 yrs, I haven't been connected with any particular ministry. Mainly because, my thinking is just not in keeping with most of their teachings any longer and it's just hard for me to sit through~you understand. Ha. I attend a local church periodically, but it's not for my's only because my granddaughter loves their children's program. Although I've never met you face to face..I just wanted you to know that Metron is not a cyber-church supplement for me, and you are not just another spiritual voice that I tune in to. You are in fact, THEE Spiritual Voice- that I glean from in this season of my life. Thank you for that.
Blessings... and Ken are wonderful people in general."

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