Sunday, June 23, 2024


"Man...That was a good word. I threw my church hat today!..."
"I Hope You See The Live Chat. You Had Me Manifesting The Saints With All The Understanding..."
- LB
"I watched a good chunk of Metron this morning and finished up just now. Thank you for reminding me to celebrate all miracles including the small ones...Love you!"
- EJ
"Such a strong energy floating through the theater this morning."
- ES
"...So much of what you teach resonates with me, but this message particularly so…I think my favorite part was when you said: “It’s okay to put your full weight down on happiness and believe that it’s real!” I’ve been scared to trust the shift I’ve experienced over the past several months, but when I heard you say that, I felt myself really lean into that truth. So grateful for you and your teaching! It’s truly life-changing…"
- TC

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