Monday, April 4, 2022



- CC 

“The past decade I've watched teachings from Jim Swilley, D.E. Paulk, Aaron Tomlinson, Carrie Husband, and myself become portals to what I perceive to be a better world. Long before any of this, Reba Rambo "worded lightly," but presenced mightily, with nurturing love that dismantled religiously dogmatic zealots, a Wonder Woman living as a Christian singer and teacher.” 


“It was so good to see and hear Reba. I always enjoyed her music and remembered the words to a couple she sang. Just seeing everyone and sharing some of your day was great. Hope it was fabulous every bit.” 


“I loved every minute of the live stream!
(Wish I were there in person.)” 


“Love her so much! Brings back so many good memories hearing her sing! What a great day!” 


“Wow, you are blessed to be a blessing, Reba Rambo!…” 


“Wow.... What an awesome day!!!!…” 


“What a treat to have Reba Rambo at Metron this morning! We also celebrated Bishop Jim Swilley’s 64th birthday!

- KM  
Watching Metron Community FB page with Reba Rambo singing for Bishop Jim Swilley 's birthday.  She's fantastic!! 


“…it was wonderful” 


"Bishop it was your birthday but you gave us the present in the form of Reba Rambo....i had never heard her sing, truly I had been missing out on an angelic voice, can't thank you enough and many more Happy Birthdays"

“I have been a Reba Rambo superfan since I first heard her voice at age 11. If you didn’t know this, I question whether you have met me. To this day, Reba’s music is the single most prominent, significant, and influential contribution to the soundtrack of my life. Although I have attended countless concerts through the years, and even met her a couple of times after shows, I never got to spend any time with her. As I posted earlier, I flew up to Atlanta this weekend for my best friend Jim Swilley‘s birthday. But that was not the only reason. Jim had booked Reba for a Sunday performance at the Metron Community, and it was imperative that I be there. At the concert, Jim shared how he and I first bonded in college while listening to Lady—Reba’s signature album—straight through about 10 times in a row. While at dinner and riding in the car this weekend, Reba was so kind to entertain the comments and questions of the fanboy that I still am. She shared behind-the-scenes stories from some of my favorite songs and recordings and signed my poster from her Prodigal album that will be custom-framed when I return home. I also brought along the letter Reba sent in response to a fan letter I wrote to her when I was 15 years old and living in Paraguay. This weekend was a full-circle moment for me. Thank you, Jim and Reba for making it happen. My heart is full, and my joy is complete! And again, if you know me, you understand this fully and get it completely.” 


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