Sunday, September 22, 2019


"Today was just another reminder of why I love Metron. So many windows have been opened up in my soul!"
- BB
"Today was awesome It was so much packed into one meeting. I loved it.You guys team up super good teaching."
- FM
"Wow...Wow...Wow...Mind Blowing! I never knew your stomach and your brain were so connected...a lot of food to digest and continue studying...My whole body got a Boost of Energy from this series...the saying Junk in, Junk out is so true 🤔 Thanks Bishop and Zak for bringing so much insight to this subject...making more changes "
- DM
"This is the best 'In The Now' ever recorded. So many keys, higher understanding!"
- JJ
"Wonderful last day of the Summer. Bishop Jim Swilley and Kio Zak delivering the NOW word"
"As beautiful as this is on its face think about it this way. As you go on with life and learn new things, you hold on to the old things and they feel (taste) good, but you are no longer in that place. The scroll tastes good like honey, but is sour to the stomach because it's not meant for your body. Wow thank you, Zach, for your insight."
- RS
"Love how your thoughts bounce off each other...that’s being in the flow...great info"
- DM

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