Sunday, March 27, 2016


"I could never see myself calling anything else my church home again. This is where I belong! 
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!"
"The service was amazing this morning. The two girls who were with us were doing a paper working toward their masters on doing church differently. You gave them a lot to work with, 
love you"
"Today's message was great!
And much appreciated, thank you."
- KC

"Bishop Jim Swilly ministered this morning on one of the most insightful messages on the Resurrection of a New Life..."

"...What a fantastic, freeing word today! Wow!!! Totally cracked me up about John.
Hilarious! But wow, the wings...and being a different "thing".
That was powerful! Thanks for the words of life!!

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  1. Very glad I got my butt out of bed and came in on Easter. What a great word on transforming and resurrecting through the things in life we go through. To keep flying even if we seem strange to others. Very good and liberating. - Karl C