Sunday, December 28, 2014

TODAY AT METRON - 12/28/14

"Great service, love to hear Judah sing. 
Especially the songs he sang today!
Good to hear you talk about the afterlife, love hearing about that.
Enjoy your trip and be safe and again Congrats!!!!"

"Judah Benjamin Swilley, was in the midst of all the crowd when last week's shooting at Landmark's Midtown theatre occurred. His hand injured in all the chaos and it was very good to see him playing the guitar and leading worship in the same theater, which is also where we all meet from week to week. Peace and blessings to all. Judah's brother, Jonah Elijah, and father Jim Swilley were right there also that night, so,  just glad that they're ok. We all still feel we're in the right place here at the theatre, and it will all be good."

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  1. I was happily relieved to see everyone show up this morning with positive words and great guys are fearless and I've already said, Judah Benjamin Swilley's anointed worship really cleansed the atmosphere in the theatre from any negative vibe or bad mojo from Tuesday night for me...I was thankful to see him peacefully playing and singing there, because the last time I saw him in that theatre he had blood on him, and as he and Jonah Elijah and I were frantically running for the car in the pouring rain with hundreds of other frightened people, we didn't know if one of the bullets had hit him or not...we were just trying to get out of was one of the scariest things I've ever experienced, but we're all good now, and as he sang today, no weapon formed against us can prosper...t really believe that we are supposed to be at Landmark's Midtown Art Cinema, and that we are supposed to was a wonderful I've got a train to catch! Thanks for the pics, Bill Flake and BJ Bueford