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Sunday, May 14, 2017


"Excellent message today Bishop !!!! The creative power we each have is organic , comforting, and energizing. Enjoying the presence of others with complimentary vibrations keeps our creative power flowing smoothly and true to each of our nature."
- ES
"...What a blessing to have your mom ITB... She looked amazing & I loved the word she gave... Judah brings such a positive vibe when he ministers love your Dad... He's the real thing! What a refreshing word to remind us that we already have what we need! Blessings!"
"Judah was on fire today... Really great!"
- FM
"So great to see your parents today! They both look great, and they're winning!"
"Holy Smokes! Your mother must have a Dorian Grey picture hanging somewhere!!! How does she not get older?!?!?! She looks AMAZING!
Seriously! And...u look great too Bish...happy Mother's Day!
"Today was altogether wonderful! Every month the messages get better and better. 
They vibrate right where I live.High energy!!"
- FM

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