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Sunday, September 11, 2016


"Wow... What a refreshing word this morning. So glad you went back & touched on the scriptures in Genesis. I'm glad our mindsets have been changed & to know that whatever we speak we create...our destiny is ours to write our happy ending... Loved it! <3 
peace and blessings!"
"I love the word you bring Bishop"
- RS
"Creative Energy Flow: Manifesting the Attractive Life!!!! Awesome word... Everything is working for my good...I am blessed beyond measure 

<3 <3 <3 <3"

- PW
"You betta preach!"

"...What a FABULOUS way to begin our week!..."
"It's a beautiful day. Seeing some friends haven't seen a while in 
service. The wonderful Paulette Washington doing praise and 
worship this month. Then the NOW word from Bishop Jim Swilley."
"I love my Bishop.. Awesome!!"
- HA
"Today was an awesome word. Sound and tone create the 
pathway for frequencies to manifest a great life. Jim Swilley 
always brings a word to encourage, motivate and help us see the 
good side of life."
- FM
"POWERFUL WORD today! Amen and 
amen!!!! Willed action!"
- JL
"You rocked!"
- HA
"What an awesome word"

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